Saturday, September 1, 2007

Belgian Beer at Petite Abeille

Petite Abeille
401 East 20th St, NY NY

Someone recently asked me, what's Belgian food like??? Well it's hard for me to imagine life before Belgian food ;), but oh yes, I do remember that point in time, probably about 7 years ago, before I had experienced Belgian beer, mussels, & chocolate on several various trips to Belgium. Sigh! We enjoyed a tasty meal at Petite Abeille; felt like a bit of a random location, but once inside plenty of character. Great specials on different nights of the week (1/2 price belgian beer on Mondays; 1/2 price wine on Tues; all-you-can-eat mussels on Wed; lobster night on Thurs), plenty of good beers on tap. The crew had some nice Leffe beer, and deals on big pots of mussels. I had those with bacon & beer, in a creamy sauce with celery. All you can eat, apparently! And of course, Belgian waffles for dessert. And yes, they serve their fries with mayonnaise, a la the real-deal, and yes I quite enjoyed it.

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