Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another pizza contender: Lombardi's

32 Spring St
(212) 941-7994

Bring on the pizza flavor competition. The playing field is getting more competitive for this FL-native turned NYC pizza devotee. Finally made it to Lombardi's, after walking past it endless times in Soho and wondering about all of the accolades posted outside. Apparently this was America's first pizzeria, licensed in 1905, according to their website. Went on a Wed evening after work, so the lines were not as crazy as sometimes appears; we waited only 5-10 minutes for a table. The place is huge. Simple, nothing to distract too much from the main event--the pizza. 2 of us shared one pizza, half plain margarita, half with peppers & onions, and it was AWESOME. I verify the hype. Amongst my small but growing experiences which include Totonno's, Joe's, & Grimaldi's, Lombardi would def be a contender for a top spot. Loved the sauce, loved the crust, great flavors. When can I go back??

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Lombardi's in New York

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