Monday, January 7, 2008

Another vote: Best Pizza in NYC?? Patsy's

67 University, Greenwich Village
(212) 533-3500

Finally! Isn't this, at least according to some, where this whole pizza debate began? With a coal oven at Patsy's in Harlem, circa 1933? 2 years plus in NYC and I hadn't tried Patsy's until this past week. Given my recent tastes of Lombardi's, Grimaldi's, and more, it had to be done. Of course only now do I realize I worked a year not so far from this location, geez, could have been a detriment to my lunchtime health had I known.

We arrived around 6:30, and the place went from empty to slammed in a manner of minutes. Definitely felt the college student vibe. Not a lot to look at, tables crammed in to the very last inch, but I was there for one thing only. Pizzas were served up quickly on a convenient double-decker stack. One standard margarita, and one with pepperoni.

Not a lot was said during this meal.... I know it may seem like each new pizza place I go to is a contender for my fav, but I TRULY think that may be the case with Patsy's. Somehow the crust was just that much lighter than the others, and the tastes perfection. Even the pepperoni was delicious, though I prefer simple flavors of mozzarella, tomato, and basil. Before I moved here I really don't think I knew what NYC pizza meant....I just figured, yeah, good (decent) pizza, so what. But now I get how people can obsess over it... the coal, the temperature, the dough, the charring...yum.

When can I go back??

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