Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cafe Steinhof

Cafe Steinhof
422 7th Ave, btwn 13th/14th

Very nearby, we turn to Cafe Steinhof for a good German beer or some hot mulled wine on a winter evening. Have had brunch there a few times, hearty meals with meat and potatoes and eggs. We decided to take the visiting relatives there on a warm summer night, and most of the table ordered Jever pilsner. I admit it's not my favorite, a bit Heinken-like, but many others liked it. I had the meatloaf which was very good with a thick tomato sauce. Other favorites at the table were the Sauerbraughten-- I thought this was something "sour" but it's some kind of really good roast beef apparently (btw--huge portion, be warned!). And then the Cheese Spaetzle was like an elegant macaroni and cheese with great flavor, I have a feeling I'll be getting that next time I am craving comfort food.

Cafe Steinhof in Brooklyn

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