Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mexican in the Slope

Rancho Alegre
204 Garfield Place, at 7th Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn
Menupages here

Oye, donde esta comida mexicana buena en la barrio de Park Slope?? Or some other attempt at a spanish search for good Mexican food round here! Mezcal is ok, Miracle Grill has good food but not exactly Mexican, and pricey. We'd walked past this upstairs place(Rancho Alegre) on 7th Ave many times and shrugged; looked kinda cheesey-tacky Mexican. On a recommendation we decided to check it out when a particular craving for margaritas and chips and salsa came on strong. A decent walk for us, but we made it and climbed the stairs, not very busy yet around 7:30 on a Saturday, got more so later on, and apparently a place many people bring their kids to. The cliche NY Mexican place in terms of style, and yes a bit cheesey-tacky in decor. But overall we enjoyed it and will be back.

We ordered a half-pitcher of frozen margaritas for $18, which filled our small margarita glasses multiple times. At first I was skeptical (which was a bit of a theme for this restaurant experience) because I'd never seen margaritas quite that color of green before, sort Nickelodeon slime-green or something, but they were actually very tasty, no complaints there once consumed. Then chips and salsa. Bit skeptical on the salsa at first because it looked so watery, but great cilantro flavor, we quickly consumed.

The highlight of our experience was the mole sauce. We had noticed a sign when we walked in--Award-Winning Mole Sauce. Now I'm not usually a big fan, despite being a lover of food in general, but my husband really likes a good mole sauce. He got the chicken burrito with the mole poblano sauce, and can I tell you we were both swooning over his plate. Possibly just a touch sweeter than other mole sauce I've had, and I was won-over by the rich flavor. My own dish was less exceptional, chicken fajitas that appeared orange in color from a flavoring that did not quite go with traditional mexican food in my opinion, and strangely-cut pieces that looked more like a chinese stir-fry than good grilled fajitas.

So skip the fajitas, enjoy the rich and decadent mole sauce, and bring on the margaritas and chips and salsa!

Rancho Alegre Restaurant Inc in Brooklyn


jenna said...

I have never tried the mole sauce, but I hear that they are very tasty! The margarita sounds interesting too! slime-green? I am going to try some myself!

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