Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pizza thoughts- NY style Pizza

Joe's Pizza
7 Carmine Street, NY, NY
(212) 366-1182

So many lists and ratings of top pizza places in NYC! And different types-- fresh mozzarella, coal-oven, Sicilian, marinara, "street slices", plus all of the different qualifiers-- does it stay firm if you hold it from the crust? sauce-to-cheese ratio? homemade sauce? toppings? etc. Browse the web a minute or two and you will find it all.

When we had guests recently who asked for "NY-style pizza", particularly in our neighborhood of Park Slope, we realized we were hard-pressed to find exactly what they were looking for. Of course it doesn't help that we were also interpreting Floridian's views of what NY-style pizza meant.... "we don't like those goopy-pizzas at home that just pile on the cheese and sauce..." Ok, but then when we tried a fresh mozzarella-style pizza, they were confused by the "round circles of cheese" plopped on top. "We like the really thin crust." Ok, but then apparently not too thin that it becomes floppy, as we discovered. In the end, their visit was over before we could ascertain what "NY-style pizza" meant to them, or could be successful in presenting it to them. It DID set us off on a small quest to get to know the pizza joints in our neighborhood better though, as well as those well-known places in Manhattan. At home in Brooklyn we really end up getting Smiling Pizza a lot, and, looking back, that is PROBABLY exactly what our guests would have loved-- thin crust but firm/slightly crispy, thin later of both sauce and cheese, a regular "street slice" from NY. Oh well! We personally also love Grimaldi's after we tried it a while ago. And Anthony's in the Slope has good flavor but is often too soggy for me. So, what else is there....

We got the opportunity to have a slice from Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street this week, which definitely has some good PR for top slices in NY. A small hole-in-the wall where you stand to eat your slice, it seems perfectly positioned for those late-night slices everyone craves. The slices themselves were very good and hit the spot, big slice, delicious crust, great cheese... and very similar to Smiling Pizza after all of that!! But good to know.

More slice summaries to come.

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