Sunday, August 12, 2007

F Train to Totonno's


1524 Neptune Ave.
Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Keeping up the pizza trend lately, we decided to try out another popular pizza place this weekend, which involved a small journey out to none other than Coney Island-- Totonno Pizzeria, a staple of Coney Island since the 1920's.

This place was very reminiscent of Grimaldi's I must say, with a small, simple interior, the coal pizza oven in the back working away, the two glass windows out front and reviews and pizza/food ratings stickers all over (even the "no slices" standard sign). Also like Grimaldi's, you wait outside in a long line for the opportunity to wait some more inside for the famous pies.

Totonno's is in the opposite direction as the beach from Coney Island/Stillwell Ave subway stop, so at first it feels like you are walking to who-knows-where, but then you see the line outside. We waited 30-40 minutes or so, and then happily sat down, ordered our one pie & 2 cokes and waited another 15 min or so, reading all of the old reviews and news articles posted on the walls. Relatively run-down interior, but was expected. Eventually our pizza came out steaming hot on a big silver tray, and needless to say we were quite starved, so could hardly wait for it to cool down.

It was a decent size, for $16 or so, and like Grimaldi's and the big pie we had at Pino's, it had slices of fresh mozzarella and a fresh crust and tasty tomato sauce, all charred in the coal oven. It was warm and comforting and delicious, for sure. I would have liked some basil on top, like Pino's, and a few bites seemed a bit too charred, but it hit the spot.

It was the first visit to Coney Island, and we took a ride on the Wonder Wheel to check the place out from above. Was a beautiful day so nice to relax a bit on the beach as well. Otherwise about what we expected, nothing to draw us out there very frequently but amusing to see. And no, no Nathan's hot dogs on this visit, despite my love for flavors, hot dogs isn't really one of my faves! Plus the lines were a bit extreme.

Totonno's in Brooklyn


Douglas Cress said...

Nice post Jen, I'm reluctant to go all the way out to Coney Island, but I enjoy the Totonno's in the city.


LauraMac said...

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