Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pizza flavors!

Pino's la Forchetta
181 7th Ave, Btwn 1st & 2nd
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Recent discussions with visiting family about good local pizza have inspired me to expand my pizza horizons a bit and continue to sample those renowned pizza places! Looking for a new place to get delivery from in Park Slope, we read about Pinos online and decided to try it out. We got delivery a few weeks ago, and this week stopped in for a slice in person.

We've stuck with traditional pizza pies for the most part, ordering fresh mozzarella for delivery and plain cheese slices in person. The fresh mozzarella is more similar to the Grimaldi's style with the slices of mozz spread out and less overall gooey cheese. The plain cheese slices were very comparable to our staple slices from Smiling Pizza on 9th/7th that I really love, and much cheaper than fresh mozzarella. The large mozzarella pizza was $18, much more of an investment for a pizza than a plain large cheese. BUT it is quite tasty. I am definitely a fan.

The crust tastes fresh, no floppy mushy crusts like Anthony's here, and the ends are a bit thicker/breadier than some (yes I made up the word breadier); the sauce was tasty and I loved the fresh basil scattered on the top. It is pretty big so I guess that's part of the $18 price-tag.

The atmosphere isn't memorable in terms of going in-person, so I think I'll stick with take out or delivery (very neon-lights, felt like the type of place only worth stopping in on later drunken nights or something). But I'll keep Pinos on my speed-dial list for delivery for sure!

Pinos la Forchetta Pizzeria in Brooklyn


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