Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sushi in the Slope

Oshima sushi
71 7th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn 11217
At Berkeley Pl

We've relied on Oshima as our go-to sushi delivery in the Slope for over a year now, and we finally decided to get ourselves up there in person. Oshima is up north on 7th Ave, at Berkeley Place. Inside it has wooden panelling and appears to be a typical sushi place, cozy enough. There is a bar to sit and watch the sushi chefs which is always fun. We ended up outside as it was a nice day, in the back garden, with the ivy growing along all of the surrounding buildings. The service was great, and the sushi was tasty as always, so we'll have to remember to come back if/when we want real live sushi outside of our own apartment.

Our staples for ordering are the spicy roll special plus the sunset roll, which is basically a california roll with salmon & avocado on top. Always nice presentation too.

This time we decided we should mix it up a bit. We tried the shrimp gyoza special appetizer which was AMAZING, as was the sauce, wish those were on offer every day!
We tried a special that was different--salmon, coriander, & jalepeno....very unique; now coriander is my favorite herb for sure, but all in all I probably wouldn't order that one again, a bit too bizarre. Also tried the "Fire dragon" with eel and avocado, plus spicy tuna on top of it, which was ok but not as great as the sunset roll favorite.

Overall the quality of sushi at Oshima always makes my tummy happy, but will probably go less into the strange mix-it-up adventure rolls, and stick to my favs which are generally salmon/avocado, tuna, and california, with some eel avocado thrown in for good measure.

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Oshima Japanese Restaurant in Brooklyn


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